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Characteristics of Students with Gifts & Talent


General Intelligence

  • Recalls facts easily
  • Is very well informed about one or more topics
  • Shows keen insight into cause-effect relationships
  • Has exceptional ability to solve problems
  • Has phenomenal memory

Intelligence in a Specific Academic Area

  • Exhibits extended attention span in a particular content area
  • Displays a passion for a topic of interest
  • Makes independent contact with or carries on correspondence with experts in the field
  • Puts extensive efforts into a project - time is of no consequence
  • Manages to change a topic under discussion to the discipline of his/her interest (e.g., a discussion on today’s weather soon becomes focused on meteorology or global warming)


  • Possesses strong visual thinking or imaginative skills
  • Transfers ideas and solutions to unique situations
  • Prefers variety and novelty and an individual way of solving problems
  • Asks many and unusual questions
  • Often has several projects going at once
  • Resists external controls, tests and challenges limits


  • Relates to and motivates other people
  • Organizes others for activities
  • Demonstrates high levels of self-assurance when making decisions or convincing peers
  • Sees problems from many perspectives
  • Listens to and respects the opinions of others (or listens to and debates the opinions of others)

Visual/Performing Arts

  • Shows very high ability in the visual arts, i.e., painting, sculpting, and/or arranging media in a unique way
  • Possesses unusual ability to create, perform, or describe music
  • Possesses unusual talent in drama or dance
  • Uses artistic ability to express or evoke feelings