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Bus Rules & Regulations

Bus Rules and Regulations
1. Children should not be taken off the bus except for emergencies. This disrupts classroom routine and creates inconsistencies in the daily dismissal process. If you know your child will not be taking the bus, please send a note to the teacher in the morning, inform the bus aides when you drop off your child, AND notify the office.
2. Someone should be waiting at the bus stop when the bus arrives. The person picking up the child should be there ten minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. It is important that you be there in view so your child can see you.
3. It is impossible to arrange to have “friends” ride on the same bus together and we ask that you not request this. Siblings, however, may ride together.
4. Busing assignments cannot be modified so that your child may have a playdate. Busing is provided as a service to get your child to and from school.
5. If you elect to have your child bused, we ask that you do so both in the morning and in the afternoon. ONE WAY busing IS NOT PERMITTED except for students staying in extended care. If your child misses the morning bus 5 times within the school year, your child’s busing privilege will be placed on probation. If this continues, your child's courtesy busing may be suspended or revoked. 
6. In the interests of the children’s safety, aides have been instructed never to allow a child to be removed from the bus line. Please go to the designated drop off point and pick up your child there.
7. Parents are asked to review proper behavior on the bus with their children: 
  • children must be belted into their seats 
  • no horseplay on the bus is permitted
  • children are to sit in seats assigned by aides
  • gross misbehavior (hitting, disrespect) will not be tolerated. One written warning will go home to parents. Upon the second incident, bus privileges may be suspended or revoked.
8. First half-days of school in September – If you bring your child to school in the morning, please pick him/her up at dismissal time as well. Children cannot go on the bus one-way.
9. If your child is bused in the morning and is not going home on the bus, please write a note for the teacher and state who will be picking up your child. In addition, call the office by 1:30 PM (unless there is an emergency) to notify us that your child will be picked up.
10. If your child has a doctor or dentist appointment, you must call the office to let us know that you will be picking him/her up and you must sign your child out in the office.
11. Once assigned, pickup stops cannot be changed. A child who is normally picked up at Acme, for example, cannot be picked up at Roosevelt because you or a babysitter happen to be there that day.
Thank you for your cooperation!