Evaluation and intervention services are provided to students by the Child Study Team, special education instructional staff, and related services specialists. A referral to the Child Study Team may be initiated by a parent/guardian, teacher, school nurse, school administrator, special services staff, medical specialist and other professionals or agencies concerned with the welfare of students when an educational disability may be suspected. 

Students are not automatically assessed once a request for a CST evaluation is made. At the Initial Planning Meeting it is determined if a CST evaluation is warranted and if so an Evaluation Plan is developed. If the team determines an evaluation is not warranted, they may refer to the school's RTI committee and request the RTI committee begin or amend the current Action Plan and/or refer the child to the 504 committee."

Public schools are required by law to develop a process for identifying potentially educationally disabled students. An educationally disabled student is one who may be experiencing difficulties of a physical, emotional, academic, intellectual, or social nature to the extent that the student is not able to function effectively in a regular education program. A Child Study Team evaluation is necessary to determine the basis of the difficulties and whether the student is eligible for classification as educationally disabled. If the student is determined to be educationally disabled, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed to provide an appropriate special education program based upon the nature and severity of the educational disability. 

With federal passage of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA) in December 2004, parents/guardians are an integral part of the IEP Team that plans an appropriate school program and an IEP for the educationally disabled child. Parents and school personnel work together throughout this process in developing an appropriate program to meet the unique student needs. The district provides the full continuum of program options as outlined in the New Jersey Administrative code (NJAC 6A: 14). The complete rules and regulations pertaining to Child Study Team procedures and students with disabilities are contained in the New Jersey Administrative Code, Title 6A, Chapter 14, Special Education. 

Parents and guardians may obtain this document by contacting the Child Study Team Office at (201) 422-6134 or by accessing the New Jersey Department of Education website, http://www.state.nj.us/education/specialed/


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