Weehawken Township School District

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Programs for Children with Disabilities

Programs for Children with Disabilities   

The Weehawken Township School District offers comprehensive special education programs and services in cooperation with other school districts and private schools for children with special needs.  It is the mission of the Weehawken Public Schools to provide services for students in the least restrictive environment and when possible, provide support in a general education setting.

Special education programs offered in the Weehawken Township School District include:

General education with supplementary aids and services - A student is in the general education setting with supports. Modifications and supports are implemented to assist the student.

In-Class Resource - A student is in the general education setting with the support of two teachers -- a general education and special education teacher.  Modifications are implemented to support the student.

Pull-out Resource/Replacement - A student is instructed in a small group setting which stresses small group and individualized instruction in a particular subject for a few hours a week. The Resource Program offers instruction in place of, or in support of, the general education classroom to help each student learn in the best environment.