Child Study Team

The Roles of the Child Study Team    

The School Psychologist is a qualified member of the Child Study Team who works in a collaborative manner with educators and parents to meet the needs of students. Psychological evaluations are conducted by the School Psychologist and these evaluations determine a student's intellectual, developmental, social/emotional and behavioral status.

The Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC) assesses a child's academic levels, learning needs and strengths and transfers specific instructional techniques to classroom teachers through consultation and collaboration.

The School Social Worker evaluates a child's developmental history, home environment and acts as a liaison between the home, school, community and outside service agencies.  

The Speech and Language Specialist evaluates children in order to determine eligibility for services in the school setting. For those children who are eligible, the Speech and Language Specialist prepares written diagnostic reports, provides services, and is a resource person to parents, teachers and administrators.