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Affirmative Action Policy

Affirmative Action Policy

According to the Monitoring Guidelines (9.3); students, staff and community must be informed annually about the Affirmative Action/ Comprehensive Equity Plan, the Chief Equity Officer and the grievance procedure available to all. The following will serve to provide this information and should be posted in each classroom after it is reviewed with homeroom students by the homeroom teacher.

What is Affirmative Action/ Comprehensive Equity?
Affirmative Action/ Comprehensive Equity is a program required by Federal and State Laws to identify and correct prejudice and discrimination against minorities and females. N.J.A.C. 6 also provides protection from sexual harassment for employees and students.

How does it affect students?
Affirmative Action/Comprehensive Equity programs are organized to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to learn and participate in all school programs.

What is a minority?
A minority is any race, color, creed, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, sexual preference, or social or economic status group or individual whose rights are being denied or obstructed on the basis of these factors.

Who is the Affirmative Action/ Chief Equity Officer?
For Weehawken,Robert Ferullo is the Board appointed Affirmative Action/ Chief Equity Officer. Any grievance or question about the program, should be addressed directly to him.

What is the Affirmative Action/ Comprehensive Equity Plan?
This plan is maintained at the office of the principal of each school and at the Superintendent's Office in Weehawken High School. The policy concerning sexual harassment is also available from the Office of the Weehawken Board of Education. These plans may be viewed upon request. A description of the Plans and the processes are described in the annual district calendar. The plans basically describe how the Weehawken Schools are assuring that equal opportunities are provided for all.

What input do you have in an Affirmative Action/ Comprehensivc Equity Plan?
Any input into the Affirmative Action/ Comprehensive Equity Plan or Desegregation Plan should be submitted in writing to Robert Ferullo.