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Lateness Policy

Lateness Policy

It is important that parents take responsibility for ensuring that their children are on time for school. Being prompt contributes to a sound educational, well-organized environment for their children on a daily basis.

Promptness also helps instill a proper attitude toward school and minimize disruption. Parents teach consideration for others and promote a positive attitude by assuring their child's promptness. Children who arrive late disrupt the learning of classmates as well as the efforts of the teacher.

Any student will is late must report to the office, sign in, and receive a late pass to class. Each day tardy will be noted on the report card.

After a third lateness, a form shall be sent home to the parent. This form must be signed by the parent and returned the following day. The form will state that the next lateness will require the parent to call school for an appointment with the principal and the child's classroom teacher. The purpose of this meeting will be to resolve this educational problem.